Big news in Australia, not yet noticed here in the States:  This interview on Australian ABC Radio and others tell of the stalled release of a book by Professor Clive Hamilton about Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in Australia.  The Sydney publisher Allen & Unwin fears a defamation lawsuit by the CCP.

American and other foreign businesses engaged in China should pay attention to this.  While it may seem unimaginable today, such developments may herald stronger future action by the CCP to demand compliance to unwritten, PRC-friendly standards in business operations – even domestic decisions in a firm’s home country. This is because it is a fixture of Mao Thought and current strategy to advance when one’s opponent is weak and retreat when they are strong.

Recommended action: think ahead to how your business will respond if you inadvertently “hurt the feelings of the Chinese people” (伤害中国人民的感情, Shang hai Zhongguo renmin de ganqing).

For an explanation of that interesting phenomenon of hurt feelings, see here for a Chinese discussion and there for one in English.