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Matt Brazil is the founder of Madeira Consulting. He lived most of his professional life in Asia and has over 20 years of experience in international trade promotion, security, and counterintelligence.

Matt’s passion is assisting American businesses to keep their people and assets safe, create jobs, and build a better society. One of his specialties is tailoring conventional corporate investigations and cybersecurity efforts to fit a client’s requirements and work in tandem with each other.

Matt studied Chinese communist politics and history at Berkeley and Harvard. At Sydney University, he wrote the only known doctoral dissertation on the Chinese intelligence services. He served as a US Army Intelligence officer, a Commercial Officer at the American Embassy Beijing, and as a corporate investigator and security manager in Asia. With Peter Mattis, Matt is the co-author of The Handbook of Chinese Intelligence, to be published in 2018-19 by The Naval Institute Press.

He founded Madeira Consulting to provide advice and assistance to firms doing business in Asia, and also to help rapidly growing, emerging businesses encountering their first security issues – but whose management is not yet ready to hire security staff.  We can provide a security survey that identifies gaps, write a simple plan to address them, train existing staff execute, and stay in touch to help guide continuous improvements.  We can also conduct training tailored to your needs.

Mr. Brazil is a contributing writer for The Jamestown China Brief and maintains a blog on Chinese Communist intelligence history, Deep Red 1949.  He spent 14 years in the US government as a soldier, law enforcement official, and a diplomat, and worked in China and other parts of Asia as an industrial security investigator for a US company.  He completed his Ph.D. dissertation in 2013, the only known work at that level on Chinese Communist intelligence organizations.  Matt taught at Portland State University in Oregon before resuming work as a security professional with another American manufacturer. In 2016 he joined the Jamestown Foundation as a Research Fellow to complete a project on PRC intelligence operations.

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