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Most IP theft worldwide, including in China, is committed by insiders. One FBI estimate puts insider theft of trade secrets at 80% of all such losses.

Chinese security services are officially tasked with acquiring foreign trade secrets and intellectual property (IP) to aid Chinese state-owned enterprises, and Chinese citizens are required by Article 77 of the National Security Law to provide assistance.

In spite of deteriorating relations between China and some of its major trading partners, most foreign businesses have more of their home country personnel stationed there and more invested assets in China than ever before. Yet most do not have complete procedures for protecting trade secrets nor a rehearsed evacuation plan.

Do you know how to navigate these and other critical issues in China?

At Madeira Security Consulting, we have over 20 years of experience working with China’s major security agencies that are relevant to these problems: PRC Customs, the Ministries of Commerce, Public Security and State Security, and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. We’ve worked with these agencies to protect American firms in China to resolve potentially damaging security issues.

We can help you better prepare for an uncertain future in the world’s second-largest economy.

China Security Consulting

  • Security-Oriented Market Entry Strategies
  • The “China Dream” and Your ROI
  • China Risk This Quarter for Your Business
  • Constructing an Exit and Reentry Strategy

Business Security Planning

  • Setting up a China office
  • Hiring in China
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Preparing for Employee Detentions and Disappearances
  • Handling Overt Official Attempts to Acquire IP

Specialized Security Briefings

  • Surviving and Enjoying an Expat Assignment in China
  • Penetration of Foreign Businesses in China
  • Doing Business Under Rising Levels of Risk
  • Safety and Security During Travel
  • Handling Demonstrations
  • Enhancing Employee Loyalty
  • Cybersecurity Basics

Risk Assessments

  • ​For your Industry and Chosen Location
  • Theft Risk
  • Cargo Lane Risk

Security Vendor Management

  • Facility Risk Assessment
  • Necessary Versus Unnecessary Security Technologies
  • Identifying the Right Security Vendor
  • Follow-on Vendor Management as Required

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